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The USF HOT band has invited us to participate in HOT Day on Saturday, September 9, 2023!

"Our goal is to make “HOT Day” an experience that is second to none, and to show your child how much fun it is to participate in a college marching band. In addition to attending the USF football game, students will join the Herd of Thunder Marching Band on the field during halftime and play alongside us. Since there is only so much room on a football field, we will be capping participation at 1,500 high school students, so please respond as soon as possible so that Bloomingdale Rajun’ Bull Band can be recognized for their outstanding participation!"

The cost of “HOT Day” is $50.00 per student and chaperone. This fee includes a game day ticket, t-shirt, and meal. Follow this link to complete the registration form: 

The September 9th game vs. FAMU is currently scheduled for 7PM. If there are any changes to the scheduled game time, an updated schedule will be provided:

7:00pm Kick Off Schedule

      11:30pm - USF Rehearsal Begins
            * High School students arrive at Fowler Field and assemble behind main drum major podium
            * Directors check-in with Reed Stricsek under the pavilio

       12:30pm - USF Run-through for HS Students 
      12:45pm - Sectionals
      1:15pm - Set the Massed Band
       2:00pm - Distribute food 

          3:00pm – High Schoolers depart for Raymond James
      3:30pm - HOT Day Participants arrive at Raymond James with Instruments at Loading Dock B
      5:15pm - Warm-up
      5:45pm - RoadShow
      6:40pm - Pre-Game
      7:00pm - Kick Off

*End of First Quarter - High School students and directors begin moving down the ramps to the tunnels to get instruments.*

Additional Information:

The HOT Band rehearses at Fowler Field, which is located on the corner of USF Bull Run Drive and Alumni Drive (across from MOSI on Fowler Avenue). Visitors should enter from Fowler Avenue and USF Bull Run Drive. Parking will be available in the parking lot attached to the Yuengling Center (previously known as the Sun Dome) located directly across from Fowler Field (lot 22D, 22E, and 22F). A campus map can be found on our website for further details:


Instrument and Equipment Transportation to Raymond James Stadium:

Each student will be responsible for their own instrument and equipment transportation. A representative of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office will inspect all instruments and equipment outside of Loading Dock B at Raymond James Stadium. Students and Chaperones must carry everything to this area by hand. Directors are asked to ensure that their students, instruments, and equipment are clearly labeled (on the outside) with their name and school.


Student Transportation to Raymond James Stadium:

Students and chaperones are responsible for the transportation to Raymond James Stadium. Students will not be permitted to ride the USF buses with the HOT Band members. General parking at Raymond James Stadium (Lots 3 and 4 are the closest to Loading Dock B) Parking prices range from $5-$20 per car and are CASH only lots. 


Raymond James Stadium Security and Instrument Storage

  • All HOT Day participant instruments and equipment will be stored in a designated area underneath Raymond James Stadium by entering through security at Loading Dock B. Reed Stricsek will meet all Band Directors and participants at this location to get you through the security process (all students must be present in order to clear security).

  • Once you have cleared security, directors and their students will store instruments and equipment underneath the stadium (chaperones and parents are NOT permitted under the stadium any time. Signage will be posted in alphabetical order as to where you will store instruments and equipment. 

  • After you have safely stored your band's instruments/equipment, you will exit through Loading Dock C and observe our Game-Day Roadshow, located on the south side of Raymond James Stadium.

  • Once the Roadshow has completed, all participants will enter through Gate C. Access through the Loading Dock is not permitted (Directors will receive their game-day tickets when they check-in for the morning rehearsal).

  • At the end of the first quarter, students will come down to the tunnels to get their instruments/equipment for our halftime performance. Please note that after the halftime performance, students who are planning on staying for the remainder of the football game must store their instruments back underneath the stadium in the same locations. Raymond James Security will NOT allow any instruments or equipment into the main seating areas of the stadium.


Instrument and Equipment Specifics

Woodwind & Brass:

All wind students are required to provide their own instruments and accessories. USF will not loan instruments to students.



Percussionists must provide all drums, instruments, sticks, cymbals, and mallets.



Due to the difficult nature of learning a choreographed routine, participants will learn a “pom” routine during rehearsal. Participants must provide their own “poms”.


Uniform Requirements


Students are required to wear the following uniform for their halftime performance.

      • USF HOT Day T-Shirt (directors will receive these shirts at rehearsal check-in)

      • Khaki shorts (students should abide by their school dress code regarding length)

      • Sneakers or Athletic shoes (no flip flops or sandals)

      • Hats and/or sunglasses are NOT permitted during the halftime performance but are encouraged during rehearsal at USF


Halftime Performance


At the end of first quarter, students and directors will make their way down to their instruments underneath Raymond James Stadium. Chaperones are to remain in their seats during this time, or walk over to the home side of the field to observe the performance (Chaperones and parents are NOT allowed under the stadium). Students will line up according to their pre-set order, which will be set during the rehearsal, and will be led onto the field by HOT Day Staff with help from High School Band Directors. The Herd of Thunder will perform one piece while high school students are being ushered to their field entrance positions. After that, all high school students will join us on the field to perform as a mass band.


Packing Checklist


Instruments: Yes, people have forgotten these before. USF does not loan out instruments or equipment.


Instrument Accessories: Reeds, Cork Grease, Valve Oil, Cleaning Swabs, Mouthpieces, Brass Mutes, Ligatures, and Percussion Sticks/Mallets. Bring it all as you never know what you’ll need! Music Showcase of Brandon will be onsite during rehearsal for emergency repairs.


Music: Sheet music will be distributed via email to all participating bands as soon as they register. It is the Band Directors responsibility to distribute this music to their students. Music will NOT be available when you arrive at USF.


Flip Folders: Students will definitely want to have their music in these and are allowed to use them on the field.


Uniform: Be sure to refer to the requirements listed in the prior pages of this packet. Students are encouraged to wear casual clothing for the morning rehearsal and then change into their HOT Day t-shirt BEFORE entering Raymond James Stadium.


Water, Water, Water: This is a wonderful day, but is appropriately named. Please make sure that you bring enough water to keep you and your child and hydrated throughout the day, especially for our rehearsal.


Poncho/Sunscreen: The weather in Florida is unpredictable, so be prepared for anything. Umbrellas are NOT permitted into Raymond James Stadium, so you are advised to bring a pocket poncho with you. Please check the daily forecast as we get closer to the event. 

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