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The main service we utilize for scheduling events and director communication is Cut Time. Parents and students who have set up their Cut Time account can view the calendar here:

Our event calendar is also synced with Google Calendar! You may view this calendar by clicking HERE, or check it out below:


You also have the option to utilize the Google Calendar by syncing it to your smart device, or any other calendar application. Click to view the Google Calendar and get started, keep in mind these steps are easier to follow on desktop rather than mobile:

(You will need to be logged into a Google account. Don't have one? Create one.)

You should be prompted to Add Calendar "", click Add. You'll see the calendar pop up on the left side under "Other Calendars".

If you aren't automatically added, use the following steps:

  1. Look to the left side of your screen near "My Calendars" and "Other Calendars."

  2. Next to “Other calendars,” click the + to add other calendars.

  3. Click Subscribe to Calendar.

  4. Enter the address "" and hit enter.

You will now be subscribed to our Calendar and can sync it with your various applications! We have linked some walkthroughs below for your convenience:

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In the not-too-distant future…

We have been invited to return to London to represent Tampa, the state of Florida, and the USA in the 2023 
New Year’s Day Parade! We will be traveling to London on December 26, 2022 and stay through the New Year. 

Learn more about this trip and our history of travel here: